Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wanna learn to Crochet?

A couple of days ago I listed several "bins" I use for organization and totally forgot about this one!  It's a wooden box I got in the kids' toys department at Ross.  I filled it with my toys!  Don't let these knitting needles fool you - I took 1 class and failed miserably.   I would like to learn to crochet this year though.  Is it possible to learn from an online tutorial I wonder?

Just look how inviting the first picture is:

It's a 23 week class.  I am thinking of starting it the first week of March.  Anyone else want to play along?

Valentine Garland Colours
Valentine Garland Colours by Anna (on FLICKR)

I saw this heart garland and thought, I want to make that!

Christie at Describe Happy recently did a great organizational post showing how she has her scraps all separated and in see-through containers.  Christie, here are my scraps!  Ugh! I'm running out of storage space or counter top room since my sewing space is the far end of our kitchen.  Let's see....when does my Senior leave for college?!  ;)

I went back to Target today and those trays I showed you before are selling like hotcakes!  I got a few more of the wool/felt bins but the larger shallow hard sided tray like boxes (whew!) were ALL GONE!

I am STILL busting through scraps for the QAL and am about to start the final 28 blocks.  Once I get this quilt top finished, it will be my 4th quilt top completed that lacks a backing.  Do you think I have a problem?  As in....can't FINISH something? 

I picked up my phone this morning after Jack had been taking pictures with it and found this:

It seems I'm not the only one who likes to take pictures of the Dukester.

and this...

Will you have a finish to show on Friday over at Amanda Jean's crazymomquilts? 
I hope to!


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  1. You must have read my mind today! I was searching for crochet tutorials this morning and then tonight I was hanging out with a friend who was crocheting this awesome scarf. I'm sold... I've got to learn how to do this! Thanks for sharing the link to the lessons!

  2. Good luck with the crochet - be warned, it's very addictive! Have you visited Lucy at Attic24 ( - lots of wonderful hooky action!