Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Chevron Finish!

Duke got his own quilted scarf today!

There were a couple of Chasing Chevrons blocks left over from
Making this scarf gave me a chance to try spray basting for the first time which I loved! I used Dritz (purchased at JoAnns by Santa!) and it worked great.  I also got the feel of quilting through the chevron seams (there are lots of them pressed back there) before I quilt my actual Chasing Chevrons Quilt that I blogged about here.

Here is the back.  I wrapped the ends for extra long ties and tacked the fabric down.  I could barely get it under my needle so tacking was the only option.


Ta-da!  My handsome boy in his new scarf.  I think the colors look great against his black fur. :)

Look how THRILLED he is to model it!

It needs to be washed, it's still a little stiff.

With a little shrinkage it will be just right!  Wait 'til the other dogs at the dog park see this....

It's Finish it Up Friday over at crazymomquilts and I'll be linking up!  Also at Quilted Euphoria's It's Finally Friday..see her button in my sidebar and go check out other finishes!

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Hipstamatic Fun... an app on iphone


  1. Duke you are such a cutie!! And I just love the way his paw looks in the hipstamatic... aww! Oh and it's good thinking to do that as a way to practice, I bet I will have to borrow that one in the future!

  2. This is so cute - we'll have to make one for our little sweetie pie. Thanks for sharing, and give that sweet boy and extra treat!
    Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker

  3. Omigosh I love it soooo much! What a cute way to utilize leftovers, it does look just smashing on him. Ok now I'm checking out that EPP thing on your sidebar :D

  4. Hi there Kris, thanks for your lovely comments!
    I think Duke really loves his scarf too.

  5. Duke looks super handsome in his new scarf! I just found your blog tonight from Crazy Mom and I can't believe our similarities! I had a black lab named Duke but now just have my Rottie Jada. She's my assistant and also featured on my blog. A few years ago I made us matching aprons for when we bake our doggie treats (she is also my baking assistant). I have three boys and I can see you have at least two. Hmmmm.... you seem pretty cool :)

  6. Duke looks so handsome in his new neckerchief! What a good idea!!