Saturday, January 7, 2012

Decision time - so hard for a Libra!

I've been playing with my scraps today - laying them out on different colored backgrounds, trying to decide what I like the best, white, yellow or purple.  Gearing up for this-quilt-along.

This isn't the real block layout, but close.  What do you think? 

Oldest son said:  I like the white or the purple.
Youngest son said:  I like the purple.
Well first youngest son said, "You're making another quilt?  Did you finish the back for that gray quilt? [chasing chevrons is the one he means]  Me:  "Well, no.  But I will!" 
I was thinking: I like the yellow and the purple.
So then I said, "Oh, maybe I'll use two and alternate between yellow and purple for the backgrounds. 
Oldest son said, "That would be too busy." 

So I need more votes, obviously!  What do you think?  Remember I am a Libra and must evaluate every possible option, weighing colorful against one color, and busy against simple.

Edited to add another color option:  Turquoise!

I kind of like it with the yellow? 

I saw this chair at TJ Max and fell in LOVE with it!  I see a quilt here - don't you?!  I will have to use this color scheme in an upcoming quilt.

"Lady are you pointing that camera at me again?"

Duke is up to the same ol' same ol'.  This was him yesterday.

And here he is today!

Your color input is appreciated! 



  1. I like the yellow best, turquoise comes in second. Duke looks like he and I have a bit in common, hehehe!

  2. kris go with yellow. it's a little hard to decide with the bright yellow background/tabletop. you are a quilt'n machine! b

  3. I'd like to change my vote from yelloe to turquoise! And Duke... loving how relaxed you are!

  4. I seen the same chair at TJ Max but with a different color scheme of lavenders and golds. I wanted to purchase it but there were some rips in the fabric. I was wondering if you know the name of the brand or designer of that chair? I went back but it was sold. Thank you!