Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Star Flower and a Treat!

I chose the fabric for my first star rose in the EPP block party found here at summerfete.blogspot.com. 
I cut into my new fabric stack called Going Coastal.  I spent allot of time choosing these fabrics because:
 a/I wanted them to contrast as well as Claire's did,
b/I needed it to be colors that match our living/dining area
c/I always take a long time choosing the fabric

Oh...while I was doing that, my little artsy son was drawing and made this:

Yep, he's a skater, too!
A little fabric talk: I originally had pulled these from my stash.  Claire encouraged selecting fabrics that are different from each other in color so as to make it more interesting. 
I totally get that, but it's hard for me to do.

I ended up picking each fabric after I chose the one before it, starting with the middle hexagon and working my way out.  That point (fussy cut circle of flowers) was my last pick and I just love it with this set of fabrics!  I purchased it from here:

It was my FIRST on-line fabric order ever!  One of my cart items was a fat quarter stack of various fabrics that are chosen for me.  I LOVED all of the fabrics she sent to me! 
This circle of flowers was one of the fat quarters in the stack. 

Speaking of choosing....I now bring you a taste test by Duke!  If you have a dog and buy him/her treats, you may wonder what treat does a dog "really" like best?  I know I wondered.  I recently made Duke home made dog-treats and he did not like them!  I bought Vita Bone after that and he munched those right up.  Last week I saw the Kirkland brand with chicken and lamb flavored treats - he likes those, too!  But which does he like better?  Vita Bone or Kirkland?

"Seriously, you usually let me eat at my leisure and now I have to get up and pick one right now?"

"Why yes I'd love to take a sniff."

"That one wasn't as pleasing to my nose."

"Please get those out of my face and put them on the floor."

"Definitely this one!"

Costco never fails to deliver!  Maybe I should send this to Costco now!

So next step is to wrap those fabric pieces around the papers and conduct a little English paper piecing. 


I'm linking up to the girls at Quilt Story for Fabric-tuesday!
They were sweet to spotlight my Chasing Chevrons quilt today.  Thanks!



  1. Can't wait to see it all come together - it looks awesome!

  2. Oh it's fun to see your fabric choices! I still haven't gotten past finding a hexigon to print and cut out. Hopefully I will today. And I have to laugh... at one point a pet store gave me several samples to give Katie (my older dog) to try and see what she liked better. Does she like venison, duck and potato, beef... so many choices. So we put a few piles of food in a straight light and she is supposed to go eat the one she likes. Well, she ate them all. And it was chaos like a bite from this pile and then the one next to it and then the other. We determined she likes food. A lot!! Happy sewing!

  3. please be careful that your doggie treats are not from China... A friend posted on FB today about treats making dogs sick and I did not really believe it so I went to SNOPES and typed in dog treats from China and it is a TRUE fact.. you can read all about it there so I won't go into detail.