Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow and Starlets

Our snow arrived! 

We've been enjoying it!  The boys have snow skates which are like skateboards only more foam-like.  Duke made his debut at the dog park in his fancy chevron scarf (he was the talk of the dog town).  One dog was so jealous he began nipping at Duke who started growling back and even pulled back his gums to show his teeth.  I was nervous about the whole thing so I called to Duke and off we went on our own walk around the park.

He loves a good trot in the snow!

Our downtown is just beautiful this time of year with a light dust of snow!  More is headed our way.

Now on to some startlets!
I finished my first starlet in the block party going on at
It needs a good pressing.  I had fun making it!

I am on to my second starlet.

I got this far and wondered if there was too much blue.

Duke looked across my lap at "his" side of the loveseat.

Here he is for a close up look at the yellow pieces I was trying out.

That's when things got ugly. 
He wanted his seat back.

He was going to lay down on the starlet if I didn't move it!

And you know who rules this house. 

Well the kids are both gone and DaddyO is out of town so Duke and I are about to snuggle.  I'm reading "Postmortem" by Patricia Cornwell on my kindle.  What are you reading?

Happy Fabric Tuesday!
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  1. Your snow looks lovely! I love your Rose and Star Block! And the new one with the dog center will be equally fantastic! Duke is just too cute :)

  2. Oh, I love this post! Sorry to hear about the jealous dog but I'm glad Duke didn't just hand it over to the would be mugger! Love the star block...and the snow looks lovely!

  3. Ooh what lovely pictures and patchwork.
    The great thing about epp, is being able to change it about.
    I recognise that little pile of pieces!
    I think your blocks are a bit larger than mine?

  4. Visiting from Quilt Story...I love your rose starlet block...I wanted to join in on this QAL but had just joined another one...swoon-a-long. Great job!

  5. there can never be too much blue! love the puppy print in the center~