Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Music Man

It was a big day in my son Mitch's life today!  He saved and saved to get this! 
His new stand up Bass guitar.

With a bow.  He could NOT stop smiling!

It sounds great, too.  He hopes to play stand up bass in a jazz choir in college.  Music is one of his passions.  We made a special trip to Sea-Tac airport cargo to pick it up and inspect it.  The bag it came in is really great.

I so love it when my kids are really happy and excited about something.  It makes ME happy!

Jack had quite the day, too.  Here he is at 5:30am preparing to leave for his first snowboarding lesson.  I can't wait to hear all about it.

We have a snow storm (supposedly) headed our way so I have this stack ready to cut up for more Rose Star paper pieced flowers for the Block Party found here.  I tried to pull some fabrics that are both modern and retro like Claire (block party  host) and Mary do!  I always love their fabric combinations.

I had a few people ask about that turquoise patchwork chair I showed in a previous post - who made it, how much was it.  I "happened" to be at TJ Max again :) and saw a purple on and snapped this price tag.  I did not buy a chair but I did find BORN slip on shoes.  OMG they are comfortable!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Pretty fabric! And how great that your son saved up for a musical instrument, that's not normally what boys save up for these days! Good for him. Glad the other son is snowboarding, that sounds fun too!

  2. Cool! It's a rare thing to have a kid that plays a proper instrument.
    Love your fabrics and the mention!!