Monday, January 30, 2012

Scrappy blocks and cornbread!

I've been focused on the scrappy blocks for the Bust Yo Scraps QAL!  Made some this weekend...they are a bit time consuming with all of those little pieces! 
Here are the 8 yellow blocks I finished.  Shouldn't there be more?  It sure seems like it to me but then again there is so much pressing in between sewing that the time does tick by. Oh well, no hurry.  I am enjoying working on the flying geese and perfecting the sewing of them. 

This shot is for Mary and Clare!

So while Duke and I were busy at the sewing table:

My pin cushion disappeared - - then reappeared with the pins arranged like this!  Thanks Jack, love it!  And just when I was thinking I'll never use those pink pins in the middle again, I got another surprise!

So maybe it will stay like this, who knows with Jack!  See the little skateboard and wheels? 

He HAS found his passion at age 10.  Jack has been skateboarding since he was 3.  It didn't hurt that his older brother used to skateboard lots and my husband built ramps in our back yard in Texas.  Luckily, his friend here in Washington has a ramp in his garage which means the boys can still skate on rainy days here in the PNW.  Or Mom drives them to an indoor skate park.  I love to watch them skate and it's a great place to take along some hand stitching like:

 this Christmas Tree Garland that I made last summer.

And now a word from our sponsor:

just kidding....but really have you tried this corn bread?  It is my recommendation of the week!  Did anyone go buy the wine last week I mentioned near the bottom of this post?  By the way my name on the bottle method has worked!  It is still sitting on the counter while my husband has finished his bottle and moved on to something else!  But I digress....last night was Sunday Dinner which meant pot roast with salad and cornbread.  Just add water to this mix, it's super easy and really tasty.

I am also happy to report that I mailed the last of the 2011 Christmas presents!  :)

 Sheri's quilt is now with Sheri.  It's the first quilt that I have made for someone other than a family member.  Sheri is practically family though, we've known each other since the 1st grade.  We met in Illinois, then both of our families moved to California in our high school years, so this meant we could stay in touch, visiting each other in Southern (me) and Northern (Sheri) California in the summers.  We were in each other's weddings too, of course.  Here's a pic from my bridal shower:

Check out our big hair in the early 90s!  We thought we looked soooo good!  LOL!

Happy Monday and hello to those of you visiting from Canoe Ridge Creations Modern Monday!

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  1. Duke is sooo cute!! And I love your rearranged pin cushion. Not sure what to say about the hair, it's definitely big!! The quilt is fabulous though!

    1. Yes those were the days of curl, tease, spray, blow dry! My earrings were almost as big!