Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Kindle Case

My son Jack received a Kindle for Christmas and he loves it!  He takes it to school and back every day so that he can use it for reading time.  He asked me to make a case for it and tonight was the night!  I asked Jack to choose fabrics from my stash and when he showed me these I have to admit I was a little surprised!  I thought he would go for some dark flannels but not Jack!  I used a heavy weight stabilizer and only broke my needle twice!  The inside is lined with flannel.

I added some navy (with his permission) to keep it looking boyish.

The back is simple.

I have to add that I made it twice.
  It was wider and it was bothering me so I cut it up and worked on it
some more!  Now it is a nice snug fit for the kindle.

While I was making his kindle case, Jack was making me a wallet!

(this was the first go at the kindle case, it is wider)

I just love my new wallet!  It has a deep extra pocket behind the pocket for bills.  He said the extra pocket is for my "crap" like receipts.  Ha!  He knows me well.

As for a WIP Wednesday Report:
Everything I was working on last Wednesday is still in progress.  LOL!

Quick note about Duke:

He actually poses for pictures now! 

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  1. The kindle case is lovely - so is the wallet :)

  2. Your son has great taste in fabrics, and his wallet is awesome! Cute doggy.

  3. Jack has a great eye for colour! Love the wallet too.

  4. How cool that you make things for your son and he makes things for you! The Kindle case turned out very well.

  5. Your son has wonderful taste. What a great project.

  6. Love the Kindle case and wallet and clever Duke!