Friday, January 20, 2012

Finished Starlet Two!

We are on Day 3 of no school here.  The roads are clearing up and it has stopped snowing. Our town is slowly coming back to life!  The toasty house has been perfect for a little paper piecing while watching a movie with my sons.  I finished up the 2nd Rose Starlet!  (While watching Contagion with my oldest.)

The center hexagon is cut from a pair of Target boxers!

The orange half hexagons are a tribute to the new "color of the year" tangerine!  Had you heard?

Then I altered the kites and instead of using all blue background pok a dots, I put a yellow in between each one.  This was the conclusion Duke and I came to in this post, when Duke was eyeing his seat on the couch.

So now 1 and 2 are hanging on my kitchen wall.  It might be fun to cover the wall with these!  But my plan is to make a total of 4 into a table topper for our dining room.

Just in case that takes until November...(wink), I can at least look at them here.
Be sure to check out Clare's Block Party at her blog!  Lots of fun starlets show up at her Flickr group:

Duke and I ventured out yesterday.
Seems Duke prefers the couch to having his legs falling into deep snow, even if he did have his Sherlock Holmes tweed coat on to stay warm.  The harbor sure looks lovely with the snow on the boats.


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  1. Your second starlet looks fantastic!! I think I am headed for a table topper too. Seems like a managable kinda size. And Duke in the snow... so cute!

  2. such fun starlets! they look great!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!