Thursday, January 12, 2012

Duke the front seat rider

Today started off with DaddyO (that's my husband) and I honking and waving down the airport shuttle that we passed on our way to the hotel where it picks up.  I could have sworn it said "be there" at 5:20 but it would seem that was the time it departs.  It was 5:23.  What a prompt driver!  I was recently diagnosed with "CRS" so this may have something to do with our late arrival.  The kind driver pulled into a pizza place parking lot and the sleepy passengers looked over at us as if to say, "You've got to be kidding" and all was well!

Did you know dogs go almost everywhere with their families here in the PNW?

With my youngest in the passenger seat, Duke was forced to sit on my purse since he is strictly a front seat rider.  He didn't  mind though.  He loves to go with me for a car ride.

We were taking my son to a friend's house for some garage skateboarding.  Complete with a roll in and piping for drop ins, this place is the bomb!

Coming back was much more comfortable for Sir Duke.

He smiles when we go fast on the freeway...

Next stop was to drop off these curtains at a new store for the dressing room.  Yes I could have ironed them a bit more, but I really don't like to iron. I think as they hang the wrinkles will come out, don't you?

You see, I was asked to hem them!  There is Duke supervising in the background.

It was my first "professional sewing job"!  Ha!  See the fancy stitch I used and I tucked in the raw edge.  This job deserves the big bucks! 

I started putting together the back for the Chasing Chevrons quilt top (laying on top of the backing above).
I'm putting 6 inch borders on the front so the back will be the biggest back I have ever made.  Piecing is involved.  Check out the price I got on a huge piece of the red fabric:

I love a good deal!

Will you be finishing something for AmandaJean's Finish it up Friday?  I'm going to try!

CRS = Can't Remember Shit



  1. Our dog loves car rides too! Our windows are full of nose prints LOL!

  2. Duke is so lucky to be allowed in the front of the car - Archie goes in the boot!