Monday, January 9, 2012

New Project...paper pieced

Details can be found here:

Here are all my pieces!  I went with 5 inch hexagons.

I have this handy dandy hexagon ruler (green above) that I picked up last year when I was making hexagons.  That hexagon project became this:

I originally thought hexi quilt - but couldn't hang in there long enough.  The pillow turned out to be just the answer!  If there's one thing I learned with paper pieceing - it's GO BIG!

Which led me to 5 inch hexagons for this block party.

Now to figure out colors!

And now I leave you with this important information:

My favorite part of Duke!



  1. *Smacking my hand against my head* You already cut your template? Awesome... this so motivates me to get cracking. And I am still trying to figure out what size...maybe bigger is better in this case. Thanks for the motivation to get going!